Eye Infection Treatment in Berwyn Heights, College Park, and Lanham Hyattsville, MD

Our specialists at Express Healthcare provide eye infection treatments near you in Berwyn Heights, College Park, and Lanham Hyattsville, MD. Call us for more information or request an appointment with Express Healthcare LLC online.

Eye Infection Treatment in Berwyn Heights, College Park, and Lanham Hyattsville, MD

Do you or a loved one have itchy, pink, or teary eyes, and you think it could be an eye infection? If so, then come visit us here at Express Healthcare LLC where we can diagnose and treat eye infections in Berwyn Heights, College Park, and Lanham Hyattsville, MD. An appointment is not necessary, so we’ll have you in an out in next to no time! We’ll be able to provide any kind of treatment you require and ease or even eliminate your symptoms.

What are the symptoms of an eye infection?

If you have an eye infection, then you might be having symptoms in one or both eyes. You might be experiencing:

  • Eye itchiness, discomfort, or pain
  • A feeling that something is in or on your eye
  • Sensitivity to light or a burning sensation in your eyes
  • A small, painful bump under your eyelid or at the base of your eyelashes
  • Swollen lymph nodes by your ear
  • Tenderness to touch of the eyelid
  • Tearing eyes and/or constant eye irritation
  • A pink color in the whites of your eyes, or eyelids that are swollen, red, or purple
  • Discharge from one or both of your eyes
  • Lashes and eyelids that are crusty, especially in the morning
  • Blurred vision

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, then they could be caused by an eye infection. To have an eye infection diagnosed and treated, you could go see your physician, but if you’d like to be treated right away and same-day, then go see an urgent care doctor instead!

How are eye infections treated?

This can depend on the type of eye infection. Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is a common type of infection that usually gives the eyes a pink color or tint. It’s caused by a bacteria, virus, allergic reaction, or irritant, and commonly accompanies colds. Because there are many different possible causes, a doctor might suggest a home remedy, antihistamine eye drops, antibiotic, or other treatment. Pink eye that’s caused by a virus is very contagious, so it’s important to have pink eye treated quickly. This is a good example of when urgent care is convenient and almost necessary.

Other common eye infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, autoimmune disorders, or even parasites. Some infections are more common in patients who wear contact lenses. Here at Express Healthcare LLC, our onsite laboratory gives us the ability to diagnose the exact cause of an eye infection, then we can provide the proper treatment, like prescription medication. This medication could be an oral medication, eyedrops, cream, or other medication, depending on your particular case and your needs.

Do you provide eye infection treatment in Berwyn Heights, College Park, or Lanham Hyattsville, MD?

Yes, and we have locations in all three of those areas! You can get our locations’ addresses and contact information on our Locations page. All of these locations are open for same-day appointments or pre-scheduled appointments. To see us for a same-day appointment, you can simply come in without having to book with us first. Or, if you’d prefer to, you can book an appointment for later instead.

Come see us soon for any kind of eye infection treatment you require!