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Laboratory and Toxicology Questions and Answers

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Laboratory and Toxicology Near Me in College Park MD, New Carrollton MD, Falls Church VA, and Tyson Corner Vienna VA
Laboratory and Toxicology Near Me in College Park MD, New Carrollton MD, Falls Church VA, and Tyson Corner Vienna VA

Toxicology laboratories are specialized labs that test for multiple forms of toxicity. The main use of such a lab is to test for illicit substances. These labs are specially designed to test for virtually any kind of substance, including recreational substances, illegal substances and prescription medications.

What is a toxicology laboratory?

A toxicology lab is a dedicated lab environment with state-of-the-art testing equipment during which drug tests, also referred to as tox screens, are conducted to verify the presence of illicit substances. These labs are available to check any type of illicit substance, including both recreational and prescribed drugs.

Rather than a test that comes back positive or negative, a toxicology test screens for specific levels of drugs so as to work out the foremost accurate results possible. These boundaries are set to eliminate the likelihood of false positives while still being as sensitive as possible instead of providing the straightforward yes or no delineation that’s common with other testing methods, such as cup testing for urine samples.

What is the purpose of toxicology testing?

The toxicology testing performed after a person’s death is known as postmortem drug testing or forensic toxicology testing, which is different from clinical testing. If a patient shows up with signs and symptoms of drug overdose or abuse, this is the drug testing an emergency room doctor would be likely to order.

Other types of toxicology testing include athletic drug testing in sport programs, which detect banned substances or drugs that enhance performance, and workplace drug testing, which also screen for drugs of abuse.

What is a clinical toxicology report?

Toxicology is the science of poisons. Clinical toxicology is concerned with disease caused by chemicals, drugs, and toxins and usually involves management of acute and chronic poisoning. Clinical toxicologists work in poison centers, hospitals, and government agencies. Analytical toxicology involves the application of the tools of analytical chemistry to the quantitative and/or qualitative estimation of chemicals that may exert effects on living organisms and it has its roots in forensic applications. Forensic toxicology involves the use of toxicology for the purposes of the law, industry, and academia.

What are the types of laboratory tests?

There are four primary types of toxicology screening:

  • medical testing
  • employment drug testing
  • forensic analysis
  • athletics testing

To test for the presence of drugs, most screening methods use a urine sample. In some cases, a saliva, hair or blood sample may be used.

A toxicology screen often requires a urine sample. The urine is collected in a small cup. In some cases, to prevent tampering law enforcement or medical personnel may be present. As another precaution against tampering, you may be asked to remove outerwear such as a jacket, hat, or sweater and to empty your pockets.

Another way to screen for drugs is by using a blood sample and involves drawing blood into one or more small tubes. A healthcare professional inserts a needle into a vein and removes blood during a blood test. In comparison with a urine test, a blood test is more accurate in determining the amount of a specific drug present in the body.

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